Doctoral & Masters Supervision

Masters Thesis Supervision

  1. Ojodeh Dancun. Global Health Pandemics and Human Security in Africa: COVID-19 and Food Security in Kenya. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2022].
  2. Saka Were. Impact of Mainstream Media on Post-Election Conflict Peacebuilding in Africa: The Case of Kenya. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2022].
  3. Justino Muinde. The Impact of Bioterrorism on Health Security in the 21st Century International System: A Case Study of Kenya. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2022].
  4. Herbert Wafula. Impact of Local Communities on United Nations Peace Operations in Africa: A Case Study of South Sudan. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2022].
  5. Holger Grossmann. The Role of Coalition Interoperability in Enhancing Regional Security: A Forecast Comparison of the African Union-North Atlantic Treaty Organization Experience. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2022].
  6. Stephen Kathuli. Impact of Security Reforms on the Promotion of Human Development in Africa: Case of National Police Service, Kenya. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2022].
  7. Omollo Celline Adhiambo. Grand Development Projects and Regional Conflicts in 21st Century Africa: Case of the Nile Basin. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2020].
  8. Dixon Mwakazi. The Impact of Technology on the Efficiency of Correctional Services in Africa: A case Study of Kenya. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2020].
  9. Edith Blessing Muteerwa. The Phenomenon of Statelessness and the Human Rights Discourse in 21st Century Africa: A Comparative Assessment of Kenya and Cote d’Ivoire Experiences. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2020].
  10. Kevogo Karen. The Impact of Insurgent Groups on Human Security in the Middle East, 2010-2020. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2020].
  11. Titus Macharia. Community-based Security Initiatives and the Success of National Security Management in Africa: a Comparative Study of the Kenya and Rwanda Experience. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2020].
  12. Hadulu Jillo Alefet. Non-State Actors and the Management of Refugee-Host State Conflict: A Critical Examination of the Kenyan Experience. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2019].
  13. Lugonzo Andove. Immigration Management Flaws and National Security in Africa: The Kenya-South Sudan Setting. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2019].
  14. Emmanuel Philip Kaingu. Violent Extremism and National Cohesion in Eastern Africa. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2019].
  15. Alex Mwangi. External Growth and Economic Growth: Lessons for Africa from South East Asia. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2019].
  16. Edward M. Muendo. Role of Media in the Management of Inter-Communal Conflicts in Kenya: Case of the Gabra-Rendille Conflict [University of Nairobi- Completed 2019].
  17. Rhoda Damaris Kinanu. Multilateral Peacekeeping and Regional Security in 21st Century Africa: A Focused Comparison of Eastern and Western Africa [University of Nairobi- Completed 2019].
  18. Queenie Mungai. Cultural Factors and Foreign Relations in Africa: The Place of Creative and Performance Arts [University of Nairobi- Completed 2019].
  19. Jeremy Ndegwa. The Natural Resource-Violent Extremism Nexus: Case of Boni Forest Border Area between Kenya and Somalia. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2018].
  20. Hosea Bundotich. Terrorism and the Conduct of Foreign Relations: A Case Of Kenyan Experience Since September 2001. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2018].
  21. Chelang’at Mutai. Opportunities and Risks around Africa’s New Found Engagements with Emergent Global Powers: Case of Sino – Kenya Development Co-Operation. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2018].
  22. Ali Kayete. Cross Border Natural Resource-Based Conflicts and Regional Security: A Comparison of the Eastern and Western Africa Experiences [University of Nairobi- Completed 2018].
  23. Chanya O. Ngao. Urban Refugees and Human Security Management in Africa: Case Study of Kenya [University of Nairobi- Completed 2018].
  24. Kaondera Shava Allen. Electrical Power Pooling as an Avenue for Development: SADC Member States Experiences, 2013-2017 [University of Nairobi- Completed 2018]
  25. Kamary Rutto Joseph. Cyber Technology and Insecurity in Africa: A Case Study of Kenya. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2018]
  26. Adan Haji. The Influence of Negotiated Democracy on the Outcomes of Negotiated Election Processes. [Africa Nazarene University- Completed 2018]
  27. Dzoro Morris. Effectiveness of Dialogue in Re-Integration of Al-Shabaab Returnees in Kwale County, Kenya. [Centre for Social Justice and Ethics, CSJE at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa - Completed 2018]
  28. Sabila, Ken. Factors Affecting the Establishment of a Functional Security Community in the Greater Horn of Africa: Case Study of IGAD. [Institute for Regional Integration and Development, IRID at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa - Completed 2018]
  29. Matemu, Fatuma. Factors Impeding the Realization of Optimal Gains from RECs: A case study of Tanzania in the East African Community. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2017]
  30. Hassan, Ahmed Mohamed. The Role of Religious Leaders in Countering Violent Extremism: A Case Study of Mombasa County. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2017]
  31. Kitheka, K. M. Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights in Kenya. [University of Nairobi-  Completed 2017]
  32. Kivunzi, J. The Impact of the 2010 Constitution on the Effectiveness of Counterterrorism in Kenya.  [Africa Nazarene University- Completed 2017]
  33. Abdirahman, Hassan Abdullahi. Social Determinants of Effective Public Participation in NG-CDF Funded School Projects in Takaba Sub-County of Mandera County, Kenya [Catholic University of Eastern Africa- Completed 2017]
  34. Mbithi, Lilian Mukii. Assessing That Influence Europe’s Response to the Emergent Refugee Crisis. [University of Nairobi- Completed 2017]


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