1. 5th- 7th July 2022: Presenting a Paper on “ Natural Resource Governance for Sustainable Development: Comparing Experiences and Exploring Best Practice Options for Eastern and Southern Africa” at the conference on Navigating Complex Pluriversal Relations: Indigeneity, Natural Resource Governance and International Relations in the 21st Century, held at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.
  2. 19th May 2022: Presented a Paper on “ Ensuring Peace and Stability in the Wake of Regime Changes in Africa: The Centrality of Transitional Justice ” at the 2nd MKU International Conference on Peace, Security and Sustainable Development held at the Mwai Kibaki Convention Centre, Thika-Kenya.
  3. 19th -22nd April 2022: Presented a Paper on “ Role of Formal-Informal Institutional Dialogue in Enriching Devolved Governance in Kenya: ‘Negotiated Democracy’ in North Eastern Kenya ” at the International Research Society for Public Management Conference themed “Facing the future: Evolving social-political-administrative relations and the future of administrative systems” held in Dublin, Ireland.
  4. 4th-7th April 2022: Presented a Paper on “ When Perpetrators are Victims: The Case of Children Recruited into jihadist outfits in Sub-Saharan Africa ” at the IPSTC-Save the Children Research Conference, organized by International Peace Support Training Centre (IPSTC) and Save the Children, held at the Humanitarian Peace Support School, Embakasi- Nairobi.
  5. 11th March 2022: Attended a Webinar on “ The Russia-Ukraine Conflict and its Implication for Africa” organized by Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST).
  6. 15th April 2021: Was a Discussant at the Kenya Think Tanks Symposium 2021, organized by KIPPRA; Webinar- Nairobi, Kenya.
  7. 31st March 2021: Attended a Webinar on the ‘Implications of the Constitution Amendment Bill (2020) on Devolution in Kenya.’ Webinar- University of Nairobi, Kenya.
  8. 18th March 2021: Made a Presentation on “The Western Sahara issue, Sahrawi Arab Republic and the Polisario Front,” at the Experts Roundtable Meeting on Morocco in the Horn: Challenges and Opportunities. Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi Kenya.
  9. 15th February 2021: Was a Discussant at the Webinar on “Inclusion/Exclusion and other Co-optive Dynamics of Youth and Active and Creative CVE Programmes in Kenya,” by: HORN Institute, Museums of Kenya, Arigatou and Volkswagen Stiftung, SCCR and Egerton University.
  10. 13th February 2021: Made a Presentation on “Turkey in the geopolitics of the Horn,” at the Experts Roundtable Meeting on Turkey-Africa Relations and Implications for the Horn of Africa Region. Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi Kenya.
  11. 17th December 2020: Discussant, Consultative Forum on Kenya-Somalia Relations. Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi Kenya.
  12. 15th- 30th November 2020: Key Resource Person and Facilitator- Induction of Ambassadors and High Commissioners, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Kenya.
  13. 5th November: Discussant, Regional Security Round Table organized by the HORN Institute of Strategic Studies- Nairobi Serena Hotel. Nairobi Kenya.
  14. 16th July 2020. Attended a Webinar themed ‘“Retreat to Nationalism in the 21st Century Globalization: Lessons for Africa from COVID-19” and made a presentation on US-China Power Dynamics in Africa. Jointly hosted by the Institute for Diplomacy and International Studies (University of Nairobi), and the HORN Institute.
  15. July 9th 2020. Attended a Webinar on: China and Emerging Developing Country Debt Crisis: Case Study of Kenya, hosted by the Institute of Development Studies, University of Nairobi.
  16. July 2nd 2020. Attended a Webinar on: “Impact of COVID-19 on the Prevention and Countering of Violent Extremism,” jointly hosted by the IGAD Centre for Excellence for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (ICEPVE) and the HORN Institute.
  17. January 24th 2020: Attended a Brainstorm Seminar, thus: “A Reflection on Kenya’s Candidature for the United Nations Security Council Seat” at the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (IDIS), University of Nairobi.
  18. August 7th 2019: Attended a Public Lecture by Auditor General on Public Sector Accountability: Constitutional and Social Perspective; Delivered at the University of Nairobi.
  19. 25-26 July 2019: Moderated a Session on “The Sea and Global Security: State of the World and Horn of Africa,” at the Experts Symposium on Maritime Border Challenges and Implications on Security, organized by the HORN Institute, at Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi- Kenya.
  20. 27th June 2019: Attended a Workshop on “Belt and Road Review Forum (BRRF)” convened by the Africa Policy Institute in partnership with the China Center for Contemporary World Studies (CCCWS).
  21. Lorraine Achieng Odipo and Dr. Mumo Nzau, presented a paper on Preventing Violent Extremism in Kenya: Giving Refugees a Chanceat the Victimology and Victim Support Conference 2018: Held at the University of Nairobi- Kenya.
  22. 20th October 2018: Attended and presented a paper on: Terrorism and Political Violence in Eastern Africa: Contemporary Trends in a Shifting Terrain at the Security Policy Conference organized by the Security Policy Dialogue Program under the theme of “Improving Security in Eastern Africa through Regional Integration,” held at the Trademark Hotel, Village Market- Nairobi, Kenya.
  23. 10th October 2018: Attended and Presented a paper; “Engaging the Youth in Preventing Violent Extremism in Africa: Making a Case for Peace Education;”  at the Third International Conference of the Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations, Hekima University College, Nairobi, Kenya.
  24. 6th-7th September 2018: Experts and Stakeholders’ Workshop on Review of the National Strategy on Countering Violent Extremism, at the Windsor Golf Hotel and Country Club, Nairobi-Kenya.
  25. 13th June 2018: Experts’ Roundtable on: “Power and Peace in Somalia” organized by the Africa Policy Institute (API)- Nairobi, Kenya.
  26. 30th April 2018: Experts’ Roundtable on: “The Countering Violent Extremism Baseline Study,” organized by Management Systems International and the Africa Policy Institute (API)-Nairobi, Kenya.
  27. 24th-26th April, 2018: Presented a Paper on: “Situating Youth in the Interreligious Approach to the Prevention of Violent Extremism in Africa: An Evaluative Approach,” at the International Conference on Terrorism and Violent Extremism, held 15th-21st April, 2018: Gave a talk on: “Critical Foreign Policy Issues and Applications” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Retreat held at on 15th-21st April, 2018 at Sawella Resort, Naivasha, Kenya.
  28. 21st October 2017: Gave a talk at a Workshop on “Integrity in Leadership: A Governance Perspective” at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi- Kenya.
  29. 29th July 2016: Was a panelist at the Roundtable Workshop on Africa-China Security Cooperation held at the Africa Policy Institute-Nairobi.
  30. 23rd June 2016. Presented a paper entitled: Bar, Bench and Bandit Economy: The Judiciary in Kenya under the 2010 Constitution. Presented at the Joint KESSA-Multimedia University Multidisciplinary Conference held at the Multimedia University of Kenya.
  31. 27th May 2016. Presented a paper entitled: Nzau Of Pigs, Rats and Donkeys: Emergent Repertoires of Contention in Post-2010 Kenya. At the 3rd International Conference held at Laikipia University.
  32. 15th January 2016: Was a chief panelist at a Methodology Workshop organized by Africa Policy Institute on “Countering Violent Extremism in Africa: Setting the Research Agenda” Windor Hotel Nairobi.
  33. 31st October 2015: Presented a Paper at a Conference held at Tangaza University College entitled “Making Devolution Work”: The paper is called “Mapping-out Future Scenarios of Devolution in Kenya: A Critical Examination of a Select Ten
  34. 31st July 2015: Presented Three Papers at a Symposium on “Politics and Administration in Kenya by County” Organized by CUEA, NCIC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs; held at the Kolping House, Off-Magadi Rd. Karen, Nairobi.
  35. 13-18 July 2015: Consultant and Facilitator: AMISOM Stabilization and Early Recovery Working Group Facilitation in Kampala Uganda for FGS, IJA and ISWA Workshop on Civil-Military Relations
  36. May 7th 2015: Authored and Presented a Paper at the “National Symposium on Counterterrorism” Held at the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies, University of Nairobi. The Topic: Civil Society in Counterterrorism.
  37. 8th-10th October 2014: A Jointly- Authored Paper [Maj. Gen. (Rtd.) Charles Mwanzia and Mumo Nzau] presented at the Symposium held at IPSTC, Karen-Kenya. The Topic Being:  Can Regional and International Operations Secure Kenya’s Survival? [Presented by Maj. Gen. Charles Mwanzia]. 
  38. 1st August 2013: Presented a Paper at the Organization on Social Science Research of East Africa (OSSREA) Conference held at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Main Campus- Karen Nairobi. 
  39. 12th October 2012: Attended a Conference On the Environment organized by the US Department of State: New Orleans Louisiana, United States.
  40. June 2012: Attended and Presented a Paper during the 1st Annual Interdisciplinary Conference at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Main Campus- Karen Nairobi. 
  41. June 2012: Attended and Presented a Paper during the 1st Annual Interdisciplinary Conference at Laikipia University, Laikipia Campus- Laikipia Nairobi.
  42. 6th March 2012: Was Panel Discussant at the Public Forum on the National Intelligence Service; gave a talk on “Security Challenges Facing Kenya in the 21st Century”, at the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi.
  43. 23rd September 2010: Was Panel Discussant and prepared in a Workshop on “Water Related Conflicts in the Eastern African Region” Held at the International Peace Support Centre (IPSTC), Westwood Park, Karen: Nairobi.
  44. September 2010: Was Invited and Actively Participated in Seminar on “Challenges to Peace and Security in the Horn of Africa: Analysis of Al-Shabaab’s Threats and Attacks” organized by Institute of Security Studies (ISS), 21st of September 2010: Nairobi, Kenya.
  45. August 2010: Presented a Paper on “Environmental Diplomacy and 21st Century International Relations in Asia: Some Critical Reflections” at the Joint Institute of Security Studies (ISS) and Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Roundtable 13th-14th August, 2010: Mombasa Kenya.
  46. June 2010: Participated in Workshop on Pedagogical Preparation of University Lecturers (Organized by Liverpool Hope University- Held at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi). 
  47. September 2008: Attended Conference on The Humanities (Organized the Inter-University Council for East Africa- at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi).
  48. May 2006: Presented a Paper on “Inter-African Diplomacy and the Crises of the Post Cold War Period” at the Conference on African International Relations (Held at USIU-Africa).
  49. August 2005:  Attended Conference on Counter-terrorism in Kenya: An Assessment of Threats, Strategies and Actors (Organized by the African Centre for Strategic Studies- At Serena Hotel Nairobi.)
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