On-going Research

On-Going Research Works

  1. Mumo Nzau. Kenya’s Diplomacy of Conflict Management and the Civil War in the Republic of South Sudan. [Journal Article Forthcoming].
  2. Editor of A Book: African International Relations in the 21st Century: A Collection of Topical Essays [Forthcoming].
  3. Mumo Nzau. The Political Economy of International Treaty Implementation: IGO Sanctions and the Enforcement of Post-Cold War Human Rights Regimes [Journal Article, Forthcoming].
  4. Mumo Nzau Of Pigs, Rats and Donkeys: Emergent Repertoires of Contention in Post-2010 Kenya [Journal Article, Forthcoming]
  5. Frank Matanga and Mumo Nzau Managing a Delicate Symbiosis: The Citizen-State Nexus and the Challenges of Regional Integration in Eastern Africa [Journal Article, Forthcoming]
  6. Mumo Nzau and Charles Mwanzia Order or Liberty? Some Critical Afterthoughts on Kenya’s National Security Dilemmas under the 2010 Constitutional Dispensation [Book Chapter Forthcoming].
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